Friday, April 01, 2005

from a ny street corner

"life is a series of calluses; this is just another layer."

well, not much luck with the checklist. it's joaquin's fault. we saw a movie after dinner. but we had a good hour-and-a-half to kill between dinner and the movie, so there went my night basically. on the plus side, during our leisure time, i picked up "album of the year" by the good life. in fact, it's a double album (the second cd is all acoustic) that i got for $12. i'm really loving the good life lately. and i
have such affection for singer/songwriter, tim kasher, because the good life is located in omaha, nebraska

and he is not above naming a song "omaha" and singing about hanging out in council bluffs, or crossing the bridge into iowa. but what i like about this particular album is that the jacket is a picture of the zodiac and the booklet enclosed is a 2004 calendar. each song has a month. for instance, "under a honeymoon" occupies the month of june - which is fitting since june is the typical wedding (and, thus, honeymoon) month. "october leaves" naturally belongs to october. at the moment, i am liking september a lot since the lyrics seem to coincide with my personal story of the jackass, who (perhaps not so) coincidentally is the one who introduced me to the good life a couple months ago. september's song is "you're not you" and the final passage fits the finality of my relationship with the Casting Couch Teens, perfectly. i wonder if he's thought about this in the couple weeks since i told him it was over.

"girl, you need to be patient -
the days gonna come-
you'll leave your old baggage behind.
no more excuses, no more denial;
you're tired and you're drawing the line.
you're nobody's lapdog -
you're closing that door.
you're not you,
you're not you anymore."

ugghh...the more i listen to this whole album, the more i'm reminded of how twisted up in relationships people get. or i get. how things seem so clear at times. you know you don't need this person. they aren't ass to mouth right for you. they might even kill you if they could. not with bare hands, but with manipulative words and mindfucks. and even if you see a sliver of beauty within them, they'll kill that for you, too.

december's "inmates" is beating me down to smithereens.

sometimes i think these lovers couldn't possibly disappear. not the ones i share music with. because we live there in the song. even after the relationship is long gone. and not just physical lovers, but all kinds. we live here in a song together and every time i play it, i'm right back in it with you. you don't go away. you never will. and i must really love it, even as i hate it. because i keep playing the music.

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